Marguerite Olson, LMFT

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Marguerite Olson  M.S., C.D.V.C, L.M.F.T., B.C.-T.M.H.

  Licensed In -   California (48971)

Welcome to my online counseling page! I offer private and affordable online counseling via SmartCounseling, a HIPAA secure tele-mental health services platform/vritual landlord. I've been a practicing therapist for over 10 years and have provided online services since 2016! I'm experienced with trauma and have worked with military and other first responders, as well as other healthcare workers and a wide variety of individuals who each have their own challenges. You may connect with me via text message, video or audio sessions from the comfort of your home or office! With text based therapy, you can message me in your own secure online session room whenever it is most convenient for you and I will reply up to twice per day during my business hours (8:am-4:30pm.) If you have something you really need to get out but it's after hours, no need to wait: Post it and I'll get back to you on my next working day. To communicate in real time, simply schedule a half hour video or audio session directly with me (I do not use the Smart Counseling scheduling module to schedule sessions.) Read more about me below and then review the membership plans to choose the one that suits your needs best: we can work together to customize a plan just the way you want it. The plan descriptions are just boiler plate suggestions from SmartCounseling and do not reflect the actual plans I offer. I am looking forward to working with you! (Please note: a single $70 Live Video Session is not a plan, it is an add on and not eligible for cupons. I only accept my own, personalized cupons, no others. LVS add-ons are in 30 minute increments.)
I AM CURRENTLY ACCEPTING PREVIOUS OR RETURNING CLIENTS only. We can collaborate on your goals to tailor therapy to your most pressing needs. I’m a California Marriage & Family Therapist (Licensed for over 10 years!) I'm certified in Domestic Violence and Board Certified in TeleMental Health, and have been offering online services since 2016. I've worked in schools, shelters, and public health settings (including drug rehab and brain injury,) and in private practice. I have experience working with military personnel and other first responders, as well as people with chronic health issues and trauma. I am the youngest of six from a multi-racial family. I understand the challenges of navigating personal and work relationships, and can help with anxiety, depression, anger management, boundaries and other skills needed to empower you to lead a happier, healthier more productive life.

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