Patrick Tully, MA, LMFT

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Patrick Tully  MA, LMFT

  Licensed In -   California (115115)

Welcome to my Telehealth online counseling platform, powered by SmartCounseling technology! If you've already visited my website, you know I offer "Therapy for the Modern Age," and this is an offering that offers exactly that! Welcome to a new style of therapy to enhance your well-being and free yourself from the grips of anxiety, depression, and stress.I have partnered with SmartCounseling as many potential clients have hoped for a solution that would allow secure multimedia messaging (texting as well as photos and video) in between sessions. In addition to existing in-person clients, I welcome online clients through this service.A membership grants you access to a feature-rich room that goes beyond what is offered by any other service for online communication.This platform allows for convenient 24/7 messaging of text, audio, photos, videos, and more. You're able to write journals on the platform and the features are always expanding. When you join as my client, I will offer quality care, the same quality you come to expect from me in person. This service is available to anyone in California and research has shown tele-health to be just as effective for many people.This is a secure setting where you're able to choose from several memberships to enjoy an experience that invites you to communicate 24/7. My office hours for this platform are Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.This means I will be regularly checking in and communicating on those days. And you also get the advantage of using the room 24/7, so you don't need to wait for me to be online to send your messages!My partnership with SmartCounseling has allowed me to expand my private practice offerings to anyone in California who wants a rich experience with the privacy and convenience that online offers as well as the expanded features offered only online. There are several online therapy sites, riddled with excessive bureaucracy and rules that hamper the therapy experience for both therapist and client.During our work together, I welcome questions about the platform as well as feedback and I am very much able to relay that to the dedicated technical support team that implements feedback on a regular basis!
You are likely experiencing some sort of stress, whether it's from work or in your life right now. Or perhaps you're wondering what life holds for you and want to explore that more deeply.

I work to help you discover your inner-strengths. I also can offer tools to help you with certain symptoms.

My name is Patrick Tully, and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, OCD, physical challenges, and the LGBTQ community. For the LGBTQ community, I provide Affirmative LGBTQ therapy to help you deal more effectively with shame, self-blame, and doubt, and any other feelings you may be having. I am an openly gay therapist. I look forward to talking with you and am thankful for your courage in reaching out. As a gay man, affirmative counseling to embrace my identity was vital to me to help with struggles I was having and I want to help those of you out there who may be experiencing any difficulties as well.

Advantages of Teletherapy:

-Avoid California traffic (!)
-Far away from my office? No problem!
-Utilize a membership format that allows easy and secure communication with me between sessions
-Very few limitations as to what can be sent back and forth (No more worrying if a photo will come through or concerns about the security of things sent between us.
-Can serve as an expansion of in-person care.-Video sessions can be scheduled at any time and on the same platform
-One platform handles everything!
-No software to download: Use Safari on iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Mac computers and Chrome or Firefox on Android or Windows computers.

I'm proud of this expansion of my private practice. Even with this membership, I welcome you in my therapy room in person if you want the advantage of texting between sessions as well as in person therapy. You can request 50 minute video sessions as well through this platform!I do hope to see you on here, even if you're an in-person client! The membership will allow us to expand beyond the 50-minute hours. And if you want 50-minute sessions through video, you'll be able to request those on this platform as well!

Therapy for the Modern Age is here!

Below, you'll see the packages that are available. I offer Live Sessions and if you want to schedule a 50 minute live session, I encourage you to email me at to find a time that is convenient for you. I find this works best as my schedule changes week to week. Once we have started working together, we can schedule a regular weekly time for live sessions that is booked for you.

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$49 Weekly

Unlimited Messaging With Me
1-2 Check-ins Per Day
Free Guide For Therapy Success


$69 Weekly

Unlimited Messaging With Me
1-2 Check-ins Per Day
1 Live Session(s) Per Month
Free Guide For Therapy Success


$89 Weekly

Unlimited Messaging With Me
1-2 Check-ins Per Day
3 Live Session(s) Per Month
Free Guide For Therapy Success