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Tracy Birkinbine  LPC, LCPC, LMHC, BC-TMH, NCC

  Licensed In -   Florida (LMHC 14320)  |  Illinois (LCPC 180.007641; LPC 178.004705)  |  Missouri (LPC 2010003299)

Welcome to my online counseling page! As part of my practice, and for your convenience, I offer private and affordable online counseling via, a HIPAA secure telemental health services platform. Here, you may connect with me via messaging, video or audio sessions from the comfort of home! With messaging therapy, you may communicate with me in your own secure session room online whenever it is convenient for you! To communicate in real time, simply schedule a video or audio session! Read a little more about me below and then review the membership plans and choose the one that suits you needs-- I am looking forward to connecting with you!
I understand all too well that life can throw you curve balls. When those times come it can be very helpful to have someone to talk to who is there for you and you alone. Many times it can be beneficial to talk with someone who is outside your circle of family and friends who can take a look at your situation with fresh eyes, or just listen to you with a non-judgmental ear. We all deserve to be heard! Originally from the midwest (Illinois and Missouri), I am now a resident of Florida. I have attained a bachelor's degree in communication and a master's degree in counseling. So basically, first I learned how to speak, and then I learned how to listen! As the married, mother of five children, I have experienced my fair share of happy times and sad. I have experienced infertility, divorce, adoption, re-marriage, step-parenting, loss, grief, and the worry that comes from having a sick parent. To be a good therapist, you certainly do not have to have experience in all those areas, but is sure helps me have empathy for my clients. I know first-hand how challenging these life events can be and I will do my best to help you navigate your way in your own, unique experience. My goal is to help you become your own therapist so you can eventually phase me out. Therapy involves finding your true self and gaining insight. I look forward to hearing what makes your life story uniquely yours, and turning from a stranger into a person you can trust.

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